Many of the diseases that kill children in Mali are entirely preventable. Our vaccination program saves lives.

Currently, every tenth child in Mali dies before the age of 5, while one in 33 newborns do not survive the first month of life.  Unfortunately, only 45 percent of children in Mali receive all basic vaccinations and 14 percent receive no vaccinations at all, depriving them from protection from common childhood illnesses.

Our 2020 Impact

children's vaccinations*

*Total of vaccines given in the region through our partnership with the Ouelessebougou hospital

maternal immunizations for expectant mothers

saving lives

Village Distribution

We partner with the Ouelessebougou hospital and the Malian government to provide vaccinations in and around the Ouelessebougou region. While the hospital has the means to vaccinate children and expectant mothers, they do not have enough funding to meet the demand. They also do not have the means to distribute the vaccinations to underserved communities, like those in which we work.

We provide critical vaccines for infants and children from ages 0 – 5. Most receive vaccinations for nine life-threatening diseases which include polio, yellow fever, measles and tuberculosis. Expectant mothers also receive maternal vaccinations.

Our funding not only makes it possible for the villagers to receive vaccinations free of charge, but also facilitates the distribution in remote villages. Because of this, thousands of children and mothers who would otherwise not be able to afford or have access to vaccinations are able to be protected. Our effective relationships with our 25 partner villages and surrounding neighbors means we have established a strong health delivery system where our resident Health Workers can coordinate vaccination distribution. Our Health Agents and Matrons know every family; therefore, they are key in helping mothers track their child’s immunizations and making the distribution process run smoothly. 

Save a Life

For only the cost of a fast food lunch combo, $5 will provide critical vaccines for one child or one pregnant mother. What may be a little sacrifice to us can truly save the life in Mali. Your gift will prevent a villager from facing great hardship or even death. Together we can provide a healthier start for children.