Effective Teachers

Villages are more likely to achieve their goals for improved literacy when their teachers are sufficiently trained and supported.

For over 25 years, we have invested in the teachers at our 12 partner elementary schools. When the Education Program started in 1992, one of the first initiatives was to train 28 teachers in their local language of Bambara. Investing in our teachers ensures success and reduces turnover. We believe that a successful teacher equals a successful student.

Teacher Training

Our Malian staff works closely with the school’s administration and Education Council to ensure all teachers are trained and supported. We employ four experienced Lead Teachers who are each responsible for three of our partner elementary schools. They are liaisons between the schools and our Mali staff, and provide support and recommendations for training opportunities. It is critical that these evaluations are locally-vetted and supported to achieve the greatest opportunity for success. Based on their recommendations, we host annual Teacher Trainings, which have included French/Bamanankan training, reading/writing, math, nutrition, sanitation, and more. 

We also partner with Mali’s Ministry of Education CAP (Centers of Educational Support) to routinely evaluate and coach all teachers in our 12 village schools. CAP supervisors are Malian education experts who evaluate teacher performance and then make recommendations for further training. 

Teacher Spotlight

Kadiatou Traore is a dedicated teacher to the 1st and 2nd graders in Tamala. She is a mother of four and brings her youngest, Issa, with her to class. Kadiatou has been a teacher for five years and enjoys teaching French.

“The Utah Alliance understands the importance of education and helps children stay in school. The Education Council helps as well as the teacher training and CAP follow-up.” – Kadiatou Traore

Support Village Teachers

Your investment into our Teacher Training program will allow us to continue providing quality training opportunities in our 12 partner schools. Your gift will strengthen teachers and give them the knowledge and resources they need to properly educate village children. Together we can support our village teachers in their efforts to achieve the education goals in their village communities.