May be the Future Minister of Economy and Finance in Mali


When Monzon was growing up in Dialakroro-Keleya, the only option the village students had was to attend the Koranic school. Surprisingly, this great organization, the Ouelessebougou Alliance built the first and ever elementary school. “Honestly, the villagers did not know the importance of formal education, but that did not discourage the Ouelessebougou Alliance to support and accompany our parents,” Monzon said. Today, Monzon says that most of the children attend the Alliance’s school and their parents give value to formal education.

“Our village has been changing due to education through the Alliance,” said Monzon. “There are many educated young people in our village because of the Utah Alliance support and wonderful teachers. When the Ouelessebougou built our school, I was the first grader student at the Koranic school in my village. The following year, my father decided to send me to school. That was a turning point in my life. Unfortunately, my older brothers and sisters did not get a chance to go to school because there was no school in our village. When the school started, they already passed the school ages. They wish they could get a chance like us to go to school in order to get many opportunities, including intellectual jobs, foreign language skills, and modern technology.”


Monzon Bagayoko graduated from the Ouelessebougou Alliance’s Dialakoro-Keleya elementary school in 2004. Monzon has been teaching economics at the two private high schools in Bamako, Mali; Baminata Coulibaly (LBAC) in Yirimadio and Bastan Barry in Missabougou(LPBBM) for five years. Besides teaching, he owns a motorbike spare shop in Bamako, which works well. “Given the precarious situations in which our families live in the village, I decided to undertake a parallel activity alongside studies, which is the sale of spare parts for motorbikes,” said Monzon. “It has been successful by the grace of God.”

Monzon Bagayoko

As a small business owner, Monzon recently participated in the Ouelessebougou Alliance three days Business Training on how to succeed in business. He made himself very helpful during that training where he explained well the business concepts to the other participants in French and Bamanankan so that they could better understand the training. The Ouelessebougou Alliance chose that young man to participate in the Business training because he has his own business and he would be able to teach anyone in his village who would like to start their own business. Since Monzon is well-educated and a teacher, he can transfer his knowledge to his villagers in an easy way.


Monzon Bagayoko earned a bachelor’s degree in Management Science from the University of Bamako and he is a graduate student in economics applied to development (MEAD) at the same university.  He states, “I have chosen the development economics sector, with the assigned objective of relaunching the development process, particularly in our rural areas. The possible careers for students this major are international economics consultants, high school teachers, and university professors.” This young man is passionate about education and business. He is engaged in breaking the cycle of poverty in his family through his education and business. Bagayoko is a very smart and respectful man who is always eager to learn new skills.

Monzon Bagayoko sitting in his living room in Bamako, Mali

Monzon started his primary studies at the school of Dialakoro-Keleya, offered by “Utah Alliance” where he got his primary education diploma (CEP) in 2004. Then, he continued his middle school in Keleya before he transferred to the Ouelessebougou public school, where he obtained his middle school diploma (DEF) in 2007. Upon completing middle school, Monzon attended the high school Djitoumou of Ouelessebougou and earned his baccalaureate diploma in Exact Science in 2010. Then, the young man was very passionate about going to university and he decided to go to the University of Social Sciences and Management of Bamako (USSGB), particularly at the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management (FSEG) where he earned his bachelor’s degree in 2015. He started an internship in high school and due to his academic performances, teaching methods and students’ appreciation; the school hired the young man as a new economics teacher in their school.  The young economics teacher is married, but has no children yet.

He emphasizes the importance of primary education. “As primary studies are the basis for all school programs, we[students] cannot thank the Utah Alliance today for its support and accompaniment in building our futures, “ said Monzon.

Please, help more children to get a great education like Monzon to break the cycle of poverty in their families.