Power of Teachers’ Training

The Ouelessebougou Alliance believes that great teacher training and support are the keys to success and change lives of village students. Salif Diawara is one of our excellent elementary teachers in the village of Bassa, in Mali. Mr. Diawara has been teaching for twenty-two years with sixteen years’ experience in the Ouelessebougou Alliance’s schools, including Dialakoro Keleya, Famana, and Bassa. He is passionate about children education and worries about their future. Salif takes pride when he sees his students are succeeding in their educational and professional lives. He has taught more than 900 students and many of them graduated from colleges and professional schools in Mali. He says that with a smile, “Education is the backbone of all development.” That is the reason he is dedicated to eradicating illiteracy in villages.

Mr. Diawara was the lead teacher for the Ouelessebougou Alliance for eight years with three other colleagues. They oversaw and evaluated the performance of the Alliance’s eleven elementary schools, teachers, and Salif made recommendations for trainings the teachers to become more effective and better teachers in their students. The Alliance schools have wonderful reputation because of their teachers, training programs, their students’ national exams. The Alliance puts a huge emphasis on teachers’ trainings and communication in order to maintain this success. is well-known through their teachers and students’ great performances in Malian national exams.

Salif is grateful to the Ouelessebougou Alliance for their wonderful trainings. He has participated in 15 training programs, including in Ouelessebougou, Kati, and Fana. Some of the wonderful teachers’ trainings are didactic of disciplines; professional morality; school legislation; teachers’ evaluation; development of training modules; leadership skills; and designing curriculum. Thanks to the Alliance’s training programs and Salif’s excellent work, in 2017, the government of Mali recruited him as a civil servant, which means the government pays him instead of the community. He is so happy about this new opportunity.

Salif states that “The Alliance’s activities such as support for school supplies and furniture; school infrastructure; electrification of classrooms; school gardens, health workshops and medical expeditions; and continued teacher training are the most effective ways to make positive changes in the village.” Let’s continue to help other teachers so that they can be like Salif Diawara. Please donate to our Teacher Training program.