Our Work


Our programs develop from the underlying premise that the citizens of Ouelessebougou will themselves identify the most critical needs in their village. They determine locally viable and sustainable solutions, and then, when possible provide the human and physical resources to satisfy those needs in an ecologically responsible manner. 


Together We Lift Each Other


Building Human Capacity

We take a human-centric approach in all our partnerships. When programs are locally-vetted and supported, there is a higher likelihood of success and lasting community impact. 

We partner with villagers to help them reach their goals in health and education. We teach principles to solve problems vs. fixing issues with temporary solutions. By providing sustainable resources and on-the-ground training, villagers are empowered to break the cycle of poverty for themselves.


In all our projects and partnerships, we strive to follow the three core principles of development:


Participants are significant contributors in all programs and projects


Build capacity in individuals and communities


Programs produce qualitative and quantitative results

Our Programs

In the impoverished villages of Ouelessebougou, families are faced with a growing health crisis. We partner with villagers to support disease prevention, sanitation, nutrition and more.

Too often, Malians living in poverty do not have the access to education opportunities. We partner with villages to support elementary schools, teachers and continued learning.

Support Our Mission

Contribute to Life. Education. Self-Reliance. You can feel confident your donation is going directly to provide health and education programs to the community of Ouelessebougou. Over 90% of our expenses goes to program services.