Literacy Workshops

Education is the golden road to sustainable development, yet Mali continues to have low literacy rates, particularly in women.

In 2018, the Mali literacy rate of individuals ages 15 and older was 35%. Since the 1990’s, over 5,000 women and men have benefitted from our literacy programs throughout the region of Ouelessebougou. We partner with villages to provide literacy workshops and formal learning opportunities, which empower villagers to achieve their goals for self-reliance. 

Improving Literacy

Over half of Mali’s young people age 15 – 24 are not literate. Although literacy has improved since we started our education programs in 1993, too many villagers in rural Ouelessebougou do not continue their education past the 5th grade. Household poverty, child marriage or labor, and a lack of access to formal education are all factors driving the high drop out and out-of-school rate. 

To address this issue, we work with our 12 partner schools to host literacy workshops that provide increased education in the native language of Bambara. In 2018, enrollment expanded to not only include adults, but also individuals ages 12 and older. This accommodation allows more youth and young mothers to benefit from formal education opportunities.

We provide teacher training, supplies, and a stipend for each Literacy Teacher. The village takes responsibility for the management of classes and school facilities, and the teachers instruct students on basic reading, writing and mathematics skills in Bambara.  

The majority of our Village Workshop attendees are teenage girls, young mothers, and women. We are proud of the progress our villages have made over the years to increase the number of literate women in their communities. Now women who previously lacked the ability to read or calculate their earnings are empowered because they have a basic education.

Fight Illiteracy in Ouelessebougou

Your investment into our Literacy Workshops can make all the difference in the lives of our students. Providing literacy and numeracy skills is vital in alleviating poverty. Together we can eradicate illiteracy, one student at a time, in Ouelessebougou.