We partner with Malians to create healthier communities through disease prevention, sanitation, nutrition and more.
Villagers impacted


We have active health partnerships with 25 villages in the Ouelessebougou region. These villages have Alliance-supported health agents, matrons and councils who facilitate annual health programs in their communities. A human-centered health care delivery system is the key to villagers’ success in achieving their health goals. Together we are improving the health of thousands.

We collaborate with local health workers to ensure the success of community-based public health programs.

We work to prevent Mali’s most life-threatening disease through mosquito management control and net distribution.

We provide life-saving immunizations to children and pregnant mothers through our vaccination program.

We improve access to water and fight malnutrition through our wells, gardens and nutrition programs.

We reduce disease and hardship in village communities by providing critical sanitation and hygiene solutions. 

We empower girls and women by providing sustainable feminine hygiene solutions, reproductive health and education, and awareness.

We respond to current health issues by implementing quick-impact activities to relieve suffering and protect communities.

Saving Babies in Mali, Africa

We partner with the Ouelessebougou hospital and Utah medical teams to improve access to quality healthcare.


Dynamic Response to Health

But our impact doesn’t stop here. We are responsive to current health issues affecting the region of Ouelessebougou, particularly those that align with our health initiatives of disease prevention, sanitation and nutrition. When there is a health crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic, our Mali staff is able to implement quick-impact activities to relieve suffering and protect communities. When there is a pervasive issue like disease prevention or food insecurity, we develop locally-led projects that transform health outcomes in our partner villages and beyond. Such projects are dynamic and focused on specific health goals.

Current efforts include COVID-19 health training and awareness, emergency food relief distribution, the Integrated Mosquito Management Control and vaccination program. These reach not only our partner villages, but also the surrounding Ouelessebougou region.


Health & Hope for Internally Displaced Persons in Sounsounkoro

The crisis in northern and central Mali is tearing families apart. Extremist groups are targeting ethnic groups like the Dogon people by destroying their homes, lands and livestock. Mothers are children are victims of horrific crimes as they watch their husbands, sons and brothers killed in violent terrorist attacks. Families are forced from their homes and finding refuge in the community of Ouelessebougou.

Since 2019, 140 internally displaced persons (IDPs) fled from terrorist conflict in north-central Mali and are living in two IDP settlements near the village of Sounsounkoro. We are partnering with village leaders to provide critical support including emergency food, well construction, health training and feminine hygiene kits. 


Give the gift of health. Your support will empower villagers with locally viable solutions to transform the quality of life in their communities.