Health Agents, Health Matrons, and Health Apprentices

The Ouelessebougou Alliance always has and continues to support diverse, sustainable initiatives to improve the quality of healthcare in our partner villages and the surrounding regions. Each program is tailor-made to suit local challenges and must satisfy different needs in a community. One such initiative we at the Alliance are especially proud of is our support of Health Agents, Health Matrons, and Health Agents who provide crucial medical services. They act as Ouelessebougou’s first line of defense against a range of critical health related issues.

Each of our 25 partnering villages has a resident Health Agent, Health Matron and Matron Apprentice. As well-respected members of their communities, the Health Agent and Matron work with the Village Health Council and villagers to achieve health goals in sanitation, nutrition and disease prevention. They provide sustainable and grassroots solutions that improve the quality of life for thousands of villagers throughout the Ouelessebougou region.

Health Agents play a central role in creating a healthy village environment for nearly 25,000 villagers. They work closely with the Healthy Village and Education Councils to determine and achieve hygiene and sanitation goals. Health Agents are indispensable to the Alliance’s success in distributing mosquito nets and vaccines in the villages in and around Ouelessebougou. They also provide basic wound care and CPR, assess other simple health issues and identify common diseases that require further care.

Health Matrons & Apprentices provide pre-natal advice to expectant mothers and are available to help with child delivery either in the village or at the public hospital. They provide vital guidance to new mothers by teaching them the importance of nutrition, breastfeeding and the first 1,000 days of a baby’s life. At the same time, matrons educate villagers on women’s health issues. The matrons pass their knowledge on to the younger apprentices ensuring a seamless transition as the older matrons phase out of this important work.

The essential service of Health Agents and Matrons has made worlds of difference in Ouelessebougou. Along with our other initiatives, our Health Agents and Health Matrons have made crucial and reliable medical care a sustainable reality.

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