Festival of Djitoumou

The Festival of Djitoumou will be held November 18 – 24th this year. Ouelessebougou is the capital city of the Djitoumou region. The Djitoumou is a huge traditional geographical area between the right bank of Niger and Banimonotie. It is composed of two communes: Sanankoro Djitoumou and Ouelessebougou.

“Djitoumou is a large village where major cultural events were held during the colonial era,” explained Daba Samake, the representative of the village chief of Ouelessebougou. This festival of Djitoumou is not a new in the region, but has a long heritage of celebration. Every year Malians gather together to watch performances from traditional and international singers and dancers. An open market is available for local vendors to sell their wares.

Sikadie Samake, the Director of the Festival of Djitoumou and singer states that, “This is the fourth edition of the big event, the festival of Djitoumou folo and sisan. In Bamanankan, folo means in the past and sisan means present.” She continues, “The goal of the festival of Djitoumou is to make culture a factor in developing and safeguarding what our fathers inherit from their fathers for future generations. Additionally, the festival opens the Djitoumou to the world through its rich culture that is disappearing.”

The Festival of Djitoumou is a wonderful celebration that is unique to the Ouelessebougou region. Participants love the event because it ties the cultural traditions of Malian past to their present day community.