Malaria Prevention

Every night families in Ouelessebougou are at risk from contracting malaria, Mali's most life-threatening disease.

Malaria is one of the most serious public health concerns in Mali. Despite being a preventable disease, it is the primary cause of death in Mali, particularly among children under five years of age and expectant mothers. We strive to reduce malaria by distributing insecticide treated nets, providing health education and partnering to improve malaria control interventions.

Our 2020 Impact

Mosquito Nets Distributed
Families Received Training

Integrated Mosquito Management

Malaria is endemic in the more populated southern region of Mali with over 90% of the total population as risk. We are committed to increase our efforts to fight this deadly disease. We are taking a different approach than others have historically to prevent malaria in Mali: integrated mosquito management. This dynamic combination of methods will accomplish sustainable and ecologically-sensitive mosquito control in the region of Ouelessebougou.



Malaria Prevention Education

In 2020, we will increase malaria prevention education to children and youth in schools in the Ouelessebougou region. Malaria is the the number one reason village students miss school and the illness frequently goes unrecognized or untreated. This can lead to anemia, which can impair a child’s cognitive and physical development. Malaria and mosquito net training is key to improving student attendance, boosting academic performance and developing healthy habits.

Mosquito Netting & Training

Mosquito nets are a highly cost effective antidote for malaria prevention. A family of four can sleep under an insecticide-treated net for up to three years. Data strongly suggests that families in rural Mali do not have a proper understanding of the causes of malaria. Our resident Health Workers provide vital health education and training with every mosquito net distributed. They teach villagers about the causes of malaria, how to properly use and care for a net and monitor the usage in their communities.

“We have two nets at our house so everyone is protected. I sleep with three of the children under mine. It is very important we use the Utah Alliance’s nets so we do not get malaria.” – Salimata Traore from Sanakoroni

Help Fight Malaria

A bite from an infected mosquito can be lethal in a developing country like Mali. You can help protect village families from this preventable disease. 100% of your contribution will go to directly to Mali to support our malaria prevention program. Together we can save lives in the villages of Ouelessebougou.