Bassa School Garden

Primary education is key in creating a healthier generation free from the burdens of malnutrition.

Food insufficiency is associated with significantly poorer cognitive functioning, decreased school attendance and diminished academic achievement. Chronic food insecurity is still a serious concern in rural Mali. The Alliance is combating this issue with our school nutrition program which gives village students the training and resources they need to fight malnutrition.

Students from Bassa entering the garden

This summer, the Alliance partnered with the village of Bassa to complete our second school garden. Thanks to generous donors, we constructed a solar pump well and fence next to the elementary school. Students are excited to start growing nutritious crops with their mothers this fall. Together they will be able to provide for their families and foster healthy nutrition at home.

Pump well with solar panel at Bassa School

You can support our Nurturing Nutrition program by making a donation today! 100% of your contribution will go directly to Mali and fund the nutrition education and training for village mothers and their children.